The Terramight chassis began with the goal of being the perfect scale chassis for the Tamiya Coldbuster body. The bodies small size poses a challenge in finding the perfect chassis for it to fit on without major modifications. The CR12 axles are a perfect fit to give the truck a scale look while at the same time allowing for the truck to be a good performing vehicle. In this thread I will show pictures of where the chassis started as well as what it has become.


One of the most important parts of this chassis is that each customer can chose the options that they would like to properly setup the chassis for their application. The major choice that needs to be made when ordering is wether or not you would like to run a full size battery or have the highest possible ground clearance. Due to the short wheelbase of the Clodbuster both cannot be achieved at the same time. If you chose to go with the high clearance option there will be a front battery mount included to fit a small Lipo battery.

Another option is 3D printed front inner fenders or aluminum shock towers. I would suggest the inner fenders for anyone doing a scale build.

Floor pans are also optional as they are not needed however I highly recommend them especially if you chose to go with the High clearance option.

The final option is a choice of body mounts. If you have the skills to design your own mounts for your custom application you can select none and save yourself some money. This is also a great option if you plan to use a body such at the Proline Blazer. If your chose either Clodbuster or Bigfoot mounts the magnetic mounts specific to each body will be included with your purchase.


Being based on CR12 components you will need CR12 axles, links, and shocks. Along with that you will need an AX10 transmission and driveshafts of your choice. Included with every chassis is my custom motor mount plate that allows the motor to sit in front of the transmission as well as be narrow enough to fit this chassis.