Team Associated CR12 Servo Mount


The Team Associated CR12 Servo Mount Plate by EXTREME RC 4X4 is designed to correct improper steering geometry and allow for greater suspension travel before the servo is contacted by the axle. This mount is designed to fit full size servos and maintains the same area for mounting the ESC, receiver, and battery in the factory locations. The plate is machined from 1/8" aluminum and comes with additional sandwich plates to keep the mounting hardware from pulling through the plastic on the servo mounting tabs. Installation is easy and only requires new double sided tape for mounting the electronics. This mounting plate maintains the slots for the Velcro straps that come from the factory with this vehicle.

Install Video:

Factory Vs. Improved​

Pictured above you can see the improved steering geometry provided by the EXTREME RC 4X4 Servo Mount Plate. With the factory steering geometry it is easy to end up having the servo lock when you have the tires turned all the way to the right or left side. By shifting the servo back the servo is able to more easily turn the tires on the truck and makes servo lock less likely.

In the two pictures on the left you can clearly see where the factory servo saver bottoms out on the steering link. This contact prevents the shocks from completely bottoming out, lessening your suspension travel. On the right you can see the EXTREME RC 4X4 servo mount moves the servo just between the axle housing and the steering link, allowing the shocks to bottom out with minimal contact.

Whats included:

Pictured here is the servo mount with bull bar parts. The bull bar is not included and was only pictured for a customer.