This kit is a one stop shop to install an AX10 Transmission into your RC4WD Trailfinder 2! It combines the AX10 skid plate, front battery tray, and saddle trays to give you the most complete install of your AX10 transmission. Gain ground clearance and turn your TF2 into the capable rig it was meant to be!



TF2 AX10 Skid Plate

TF2 Front Battery Tray

(2) TF2 Saddle Trays plus (1) electronics box


Thats $10 off purchasing each piece independently. 


TF2 AX10 Skid Plate:

This kit includes the skid plate and motor mount plates necessary to mount an AX10 transmission in your RC4WD Trailfinder 2. Doing this conversion not only allows you to gain ground clearance but also replaces the factory transmission with one that has much less slop in it. I have designed this kit to work around the RC4WD link mounting kits as well in case you chose to go that route. Machined from 1/8" aluminum plate, then bent and brazed to hold its shape. All necessary hardware is included. The factory battery tray will NOT work with this kit due to driveshaft clearance. These parts changed the way I looked at my TF2, the performace gains made a world of a difference. I would recommend purchasing the front battery tray as well as a saddle tray to complete the installation.


TF2 Front Battery Tray:

This battery tray is designed to work with our TF2 AX10 transmission kit. It will not work with the factory transmission. The tray is large enough to run a full size battery, or run a shorty pack and use it to mount some of your electronics. Machined from 1/8" aluminum, then bent and brazed to hold its shape.


TF2 Saddle Trays:

The saddle trays are a direct fit to your TF2. Use for mounting electronics or just as floor pans! Looking for a large electronics box? Add it in the options and keep your electronics safe and dry! All necessary hardware included. Machined from 1/8" aluminum with a 3D printed electronics box.

TF2 AX10 Installation Kit