This combination mounting kit is for those of you looking to get the best possible performace from your CR12. By adding a track bar the bump steer is essentially eliminated. The aluminum mount goes on the axle side where the track bar will connect. To install simply remove the factory front bumper mount, replace it with the new mount, remove one upper front link, and install that as the track bar that will run from the axle side to the chassis. In some photos the shapeways printed one is shown, if you purchase here it will be printed by myself in black PETG. Also NOTE the factory battery tray will need to be trimmed back in order for this to fit. The knockout plate can be broken out of you wish to use a servo mount in its place. It is recomended to use an aftermarket servo horn with the mount as the servo is moved downwards. Included is a new steering link to allow you to go from 3mm hardware at the chassis to 2.5mm hardware on the axle as is factory. This link is only necessary if you would like to run an aftermarket aluminum servo horn.

Servo/Trackbar Mount