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If you are looking for a new and unique build, this is your answer. This is the first aluminum body designed to drop onto your TRX4 chassis. The body balances scale looks and performance with the half interior, large fenders, and aggressive approach and departure angles. The body itself is constructed from 1/8" aluminum plate and 3D printed PETG parts. The light buckets are available as 3/8" machined aluminum pieces. All printed parts come in black. Stainless steel hardware is included to assemble the body. Body is shown painted on a TRX4 chassis with our Scrambler front and rear bumpers. Lights and wiring not included. This body kit is designed to drop onto the traxxas TRX4 chassis setup for a 12.8" wheelbase and sport shock towers, such as the TRX4 defender chassis.



12.8" Wheelbase

Aluminum and 3D printed contruction

Main body width 7-3/4"

Width fender to fender 8-3/4"

Length 17-1/4"

Weight 3lbs


To install this body you must shorten the antenna and trim the front of the rock sliders.


What's included:

⅛” aluminum panels (sides, windshield frame, back window frame, tailgate, and grille)

Windows and clear light lenses

Stainless steel hardware for assembly




This option determines if your body will have the door outlines, door handles, and the tailgate outline machined into the body. You can see these details highlighted on the body shown as they have been painted. Please contact me about custom engraving, I can do up to nine characters on the rear tailgate.


Light buckets:

This option is your choice between having the machined aluminum light buckets included with your body or not. If you choose not to purchase the aluminum light buckets, but you purchase the 3D printed parts from me you will get the light buckets in a 3D printed version. 


3D Printing:

This option allows you to purchase the parts as a physical object printed by me, or you can purchase the files separately to print on your own.


Body shown painted with lights and traxxas TRX4 Chassis

Brutus Body