Element Enduro Install Video


This suspension kit allows you to either install the gatekeeper rear suspension onto your traditional Element Enduro chassis or shorten your Gatekeeper wheelbase to a standard 12.3" rather than the factory 12.8" wheelbase. The 12.3 wheelbase is much more common amoung aftermarket bodies and will allow you to fit many lexan bodies without trimming the fenders. Adding the gatekeeper suspension to your tradtional enduro will allow you to take advantage of the additoal suspension travel offered by trailing arms. Using the gatekeeper trailing arms also allows you to gain ground clearance in comparison to the original trailing arm kit. The kit comes complete with stainless steel hardware and is constructed from 1/8" aluminum plate. New Gatekeeper electronics trays are 3D printed. Rear shock tower offers 5 optional shock mounting positions to match the adjustability of the Gatekeeper.


*Kit for the Gatekeeper is $20 more because it includes new rear upper link mounts as well as electronic trays designed to work with the kit.


Parts needed for a traditional Element Enduro Chassis:

Enduro Gatekeeper Anti-roll Bar Set (ASC42252)

Stiffer rear springs and an anti sway bar are reccomended.


Parts needed for a Gatekeeper chassis:

Element RC Enduro Driveshaft Set (ASC42020)

12.3 Gatekeeper Suspension Kit