To place an order please fill out this form. When placing your order please consider most orders in the 48 states will have an additional $10 charge for shipping. The price may vary depending on order size and your location. We will ship world wide! If everything with your order form is correct a Paypal request will be sent to your Paypal email and work will start on your parts once the transaction has gone through. If there are any issues with your form I will contact you directly. To contact me directly, send an email to me at 

For all custom requests I will charge a $10 design fee to make up for the time that will needed to be spent designing your parts. Please fill out the form below and include as many pictures as you think would be helpful, they are not required however they do help me understand what you are looking for. Just like the regular orders payment will only be excepted through Paypal. Also please leave a budget that you would like to have for your part, this will allow me to create options within your price range.